About me (long)

Hello, my names are Shadow, Knife and Blade. You can call me Shads for short. I'm fictionkin, autistic (I experience psychosis), mentally ill, POC and LGBT. I'm from Brazil, in South America in case you don't know geography. /j

As I said before, I am autistic. My hyperfixations at the moment are Homestuck and Sonic the Hedgehog (the franchise). But I enjoy some fandoms like CROB, Gravity Falls, Eddsworld, Animaniacs, Osomatsu-san, and more. The only game I'm not afraid to play is Minecraft. Don't laugh at me, I just don't want to lose at other games, I get intrusive thoughts.

My comforts are Sonic (the character... I'm not fucking gay, shut the fuck up. /hj), Ichimatsu and Osomatsu Matsuno from Oso-san and Yakko Warner from Animaniacs. There's more but I can't remember. I also really like clowns, kandi and biblically accurate angels. I believe that I'm a seraphim.

Triggerlist and Extra

✦ IRL Self-harm;

✦ IRL Gore;

✦ IRL Eye-trauma;

✦ Gamzee x Karkat (Reminds me of someone);

✦ Audio of breaking bones

✦ Audio of v0m1t.

✦ The phrase "Nobody cares";

✦ The phrase "Who asked" not being used as a joke;

✦ "Imagine something really thin, like a needle, in your urethra or eye." (Reminds me of someone);

✦ The names Kedner, any variation of Nathan, El, Hayuu, any variation of Raphael, Douglas.

✦ Calling me the r-slur

✦ Using the wrong pronouns with me (Just ask me my pronouns)

Extra information about me.

I'm questioning if I am MLM, MLNB or NBLM + NBLNB. I said I wasn't gay, but that was a joke... I think? I don't know.

My favorite bands are Nero's Day at Disneyland and MSI. I also like P!ATD, Paramore, Fall out Boy and MCR.

Shadow The Hedgehog